Tuesday, December 16, 2008

dissapointed with your Diet? The answer is here.

How well is your diet lately? Can we really trust the nutrition we get from our food is a dense as we think? We might think our diet is balanced, or not! The point is that there are a lot of folks looking for a healthier lifestle for themselves and their families.

The answer is here. First, let's compare our groceries and the effectiveness of incorporating the Isagnix lifestyle. This is not a diet - it truly is a healthy change of how you perceive the diet, or the nutrition you consume.

Did you know that the average cost of groceries has risen 8.4 percent this year? Whether it’s the increasing cost of healthcare, gas or groceries, it’s no secret that millions of people are feeling the pressure of tough economic times.

So how does our Nutritional Cleansing system fit into your shrinking budget? Isagenix is a cost effective, convenient and healthy solution in any economy, especially when compared to the average cost of groceries and eating meals out. Isagenix systems replace up to three meals a day and eliminate spending on groceries or eating meals out.

Isagenix products are quick and easy to prepare and they provide your busy family with all the nutrients they need.

Can you really put a price tag on living your life to the fullest
and achieving optimum health? We can. We need to change the mindset of the word "diet"! Let's realistically compare a few things...


  • 1 month groceris and eating meals out: $539
  • That’s nearly $18/day or $6 per meal.

ISAGENIX -  Cleansing and Fat Burning System: $260

  • 30-day supply (64 meals)
  • Non-Isagenix® Meals (26 meals) $156

        ($6 per day for a third meal) TOTAL:  $416**

  • That’s nearly $14/day or $4.62 per meal!


With Isagenix you save:






* The average American spends per month.
** The average person eats 90 meals per month. With a 30-Day System there are 26 Shake Days (52 meals) and 4 Cleanse Days (12 meals), totaling 64 meals.


For more information contact us at: http://thebestcleansesystem.info


Isabel Gelo - Columbie, Isagenix Independant Product Consultant

phone 718.880.7686
Email: isabel@workfromhome4parents.com
Skype Username: paradigmwealthsystem


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